All ads airing on the NBC broadcast network must be submitted for review. If your ad is airing on a NBC cable network you only have to submit it to advertising standards for review if it falls into one of the following four categories: (1) controversial issue ads/political ads; (2) dietary supplements/homeopathic ads; (3) gambling-related and casino ads and (4) weight loss ads. Please see attached procedures for further clarification.

General Procedures:
SUBMISSION OF MATERIALS: There are only 2 ways to submit materials to NBC editors for clearance:

  1. Upload your materials to
  2. Submit your materials through MediaVu

If materials are not submitted in one of these ways they will not be reviewed. Clearance materials should not be sent to NBC Traffic, NBC Sales or the NBC Englewood Cliffs tape library.

PRE-PRODUCTION REVIEW: Prior to production, advertising agencies should submit a script or storyboard of the proposed commercial to Advertising Standards. When applicable, NBC will request substantiation for all material claims and authentication of all demonstrations and testimonial statements. After reviewing the submitted materials for compliance with NBC's Advertising Guidelines and relevant outside standards (including Federal Trade Commission and Food & Drug Administration advertising standards), NBC may approve the script or storyboard, request additional information, require modifications to the commercial, or deem the commercial unacceptable for air on NBC properties.

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: When possible, supporting documentation such as product testing, claim support, producer's affidavits, etc. should be submitted along with the script, storyboard, rough-cut or final as "related documents" via If you are responding to an editor's request it must be submitted through the link at the bottom of the editor's clearance report.

ROUGH-CUTS: Please do not send rough-cuts unless the editor specifically requests one. Editors will only review rough-cuts when they see fit.

FINAL APPROVAL: All finished commercials must be slated with the ISCI code, product, and client and submitted via one of the two ways above.

TIME FOR REVIEW: Advertisers should allow up to 3 business days for review of commercial materials.