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Video Encoding Requirements

HD spots:
MPEG-4 file format
h.264 encoding
3 mb/sec bitrate
1280x720 frame size (16:9)
Streaming hinting ON
AAC audio 128 Kbit/sec
Max Size: 20 Megabytes
SD spots:
MPEG-4 file format
h.264 encoding
1.5 mb/sec bitrate
640x480 frame size (4:3)
Streaming hinting ON
AAC audio 128 Kbit/sec
Max Size: 20 Megabytes

Browser Requirements

The following browsers are supported:
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 11+
  • Safari 5

General Questions

Can I submit materials through MediaVu instead of the NBC Ad Standards website?

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Sending Materials For Review

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Upload Issues

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Support Questions

What are the recommended video specifications?

What browser versions are supported?

Additional Questions

In case you have additional questions, please contact your editor for more information. For technical issues, please send an email to