Welcome to NBCUAdStandards.com!

The NBCU Advertising Standards Department website is intended to help provide agencies and advertisers with all the necessary tools to obtain clearance for advertisements intended to run on NBCUniversal Networks.

The “Submit Materials” portal is for clearing advertisements airing on NBC Broadcast and for seven specific categories airing on Cable, as noted in the Guidelines Tab.

The portal should also be used to submit Non-Casino Gambling (including online gaming and sports gambling) advertisements intended to air on NBCUniversal Owned Stations and Sports Gambling advertisements intended to air on regional sports networks.

All submitted advertisements are reviewed for adherence to the laws and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Drug Administration, and the NBCUniversal Advertising Guidelines. NBC aims to present viewers with commercials that are truthful, tasteful, non-deceptive, and substantiated. Advertisers must provide substantiation providing a reasonable basis for all claims made within their commercials.


Advertisers and agencies can find NBC’s advertising guidelines, procedures and editor list on this website, as well as securely submit all clearance materials. The Advertising Standards Department treats all information and materials submitted by an advertiser or its authorized representative in connection with commercial clearances as strictly confidential.

Submission Process

There are two ways to submit clearance materials to Advertising Standards for review:

  1. Upload materials via this website; or
  2. Submit materials via MediaVu.

After reviewing the submitted materials, Advertising Standards may approve the advertisement, request additional information, require modifications, or deem the advertisement not acceptable for air. Advertisers should allow up to 3 business days for review of clearance materials. Please see our complete Clearance Procedures & Editor List under the Guidelines Tab.

Click HERE to submit materials to us for clearance.

Please see the NBCUniversal Cable Clearance Procedures & Guidelines for how to clear advertisements airing on NBCU’s Cable Networks.

For advertisements airing on Peacock, NBCU’s streaming service, please reach out to your Peacock Sales representative for information on how to obtain clearance.


The use of false or deceptive Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) Signals or Tones is not acceptible. The FCC prohibits the transmission of the EAS codes or Attention Sginal (853 Hz and 960 Hz transmitted simultaneously) or a recording or simulation therof escept in the case of an actal emergency or authorized EAS test. The rule applies to all forms of content. including programs, commercials and other paid programming, PAS's, promos and other interstitial material. Content containing EAS tones, simulations or other related sound effects will not be accepted for broadcast.